Transparent Facemasks

We are under license to produce ActivArmor facemasks.

We are producing transparent facemasks that are Lightweight, Hygienic, Washable and Reusable.
There are two styles to chose from a Custom Filter or a N95 Respirator Filter Adaptable version. Each style has six standard models that can be selected from a downloaded template. 

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Positioner Trunnion

Our manual positioner trunnion is a flexible tool for rotating your workpiece into comfortable locations for welding, engine stand, assembly, painting, and more.

The workpiece diameter can range up to 52".

While workpiece frames can have length's from 48" to 120" via the configurable stretcher tube.

The trunnion is rotated with a large handwheel.

Options include shotpin stop locations every 30 degrees, cushioned rotation stops, manual gearbox for heavy loads.