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Our Ingersoll facility is a 5000 sq.ft building and is where we currently house all of our internal departments. Here is a list of all the internal depatments and the associated equipment that is used inside of each one.


​Additive Manufacturing

  • MarkForged Oynx Pro (FDM 3D printer using advanced nylon material with carbon fiber)

  • Form 2 (SLA 3D printer used for casting and very high detailed parts)

  • Creality CR-10S Pro (FDM 3D printer using nylon and various other material for large size                                               prototypes and visual display models)

Metal Machining 

  • Fadal 2216 VMC (CNC vertical milling machine with a 15,000 RPM spindle and a 22" x 16" bed)

  • XLO Milling Machine (Our manual vertical milling machine for small jobs and touch ups)

Wood & Foam Machining

  • Yaskawa Motoman ES200N Robot ( 6-axis 200 kg robotic arm with a attached spindle on the                                                                   end used for complex and intricate machining of wood                                                                     and foam. Has a 6ft x 6ft x 6ft build area.)

  • Large CNC Vertical Router ( With a 4ft x 8ft bed and a Z axis travel of 1.5ft, this is used for                                                           large size production pieces our flat layouts. We also have a                                                           4th axis that can be amount and utilized for cylindrical or four                                                         sides machining)

  • Small CNC Vertical Router (2ft x 3ft bed with a Z-axis travel of 3in. This is used for small                                                           projects and low quantities)

Plastic & Urethane forming 

  • Belovac Vacuum Thermoformer ( 24" x 36" build platform for prototyping and production of                                                               various parts)

  • Urethane Casting ( Pressure tanks and nylon mold cases are used with a silicone mold                                               insert to produce a highly detailed part)

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