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What Is NAAMS?

NAAMS in an acronym standing for North America Automotive Metric Standard although the official legal name of the organization is NAAMS Global Standard Components and Assemblies. The initiatives origins began 1991 by the Auto/Steel Partnership to bring standardization of tooling components across the automotive manufacturing industry, with the goal to drastically reduce costs in tooling by not having to create from scratch custom designs every single time.

Through the NAAMS website ( you are able to obtain detailed drawings and some 3D models of their global standard components to be utilized in the design and manufacturing of stamping dies and assembly tooling. The assembly tooling components that they have laid out include shim packs and spacers used for adding adjustments in locations that are deemed necessary by the engineers. If the parts twist or warp during assembly such as welding then shimming allows for easier adjustment compared to machining new components. Pins, retainers, rest blocks, NC blocks and clamp arms, L blocks are all available to used in any configuration needed to locate or secure the component using the GD&T designated datum holes or net pad locations. Risers are also in the database, giving designers and fabricators easier ways of placing their assemblies at various heights.

This basic MIG welding fixture incorporates numerous NAAMS components such as NC blocks, Shims, L Blocks and Clamp arms.

There are numerous manufacturing companies that solely focus on the production of these NAAMS components giving the industry off-the-shelf components for the fabrication of their fixtures and tooling. This reduces the custom machining costs and future repair times significantly while increasing the profit revenue for the producer.

At HMD Technology ( our professional design team are very experienced in utilizing NAAMS components as much as possible with our fixture designs to reduce costs for our customers and give you the ability for fast and easy adjustments or repairs.

A HMD designed fixture contains on average 50%-75% NAAMS components.

For your next project contact HMD Technology for all of your 3D design needs.

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